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Is advancing your career and finding a new job one of your goals this year? It is an excellent time to explore your options. Overall unemployment is low, including here in the Coachella Valley. Competition can be tough, so it is good to be prepared. Here are five achievable goals (with time suggestions) to start your job search off in the right direction:

Job Search Goal #1: Write It Down

Take 20-30 minutes to write down your goals for the new position. Of course, increased income and benefits are part of the equation. But what else would make a new position satisfying and fulfilling? Maybe it is supporting a nonprofit with a cause you believe in. Perhaps you would like more work-life balance, a flexible schedule, greater responsibility, or a feeling of inclusion in a great team. Is there a company you have always wanted to work for? Dream big for this exercise – defining what you want in your next career move will help you focus your search.

Job Search Goal #2: Resume Refresh

Set aside 1-1 ½ hours to refresh your resume. It is easy to put off this task if you haven’t been actively job searching, but getting an excellent basic resume rewrite done will help you apply quickly if an exciting job opportunity appears. We have a helpful article showing how to use AI to write/polish your resume.

Job Search Goal #3: Update Your Online Presence

Use 30 minutes to an hour to examine your online presence. This should include checking your privacy settings for your personal social media channels and making sure your information is correct on your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn profile, free tools like Teal can help you.

Job Search Goal #4: Prioritize Learning One New Skill

Choose one course or certificate to improve or highlight your skillset. This goal is the most significant time commitment on the list, but showing initiative and an ability to keep learning will help differentiate you from other candidates. As a bonus, you will feel more confident, and this step will make it easy for a potential employer to see that you have confirmed skills. Many courses on LinkedIn Learning can be completed in an hour or two. Check your local library; most have free access to skills training courses.

Job Search Goal #5: Let People Know You Are Job Searching

The final goal in your job search launch is to let your network know you are looking for a new role. Networks include friends, family, former employers, neighbors, or other professionals you see daily. Is there a volunteer opportunity, chamber of commerce, or professional organization you could engage with to expand your connections? Take a few minutes when interacting with others during your day to let them know you are looking for a new challenge.

Wrap Up

With these five job search goals completed, you are on your way to your next great job! If you are looking for entry-level roles, you might want to consider hospitality, retail sales, and customer support roles.

If you have more established skills but are looking for a new challenge, government, nonprofit, and professional services are driving job growth. Extra credit suggestion– consider working with a recruiting firm like Proper Solutions Staffing. We can provide resume and interview support and connect you with local hiring managers. Send that newly updated resume to today to get started. See our available positions here.

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