Busting 7 Job Search Myths


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Job Search Myth #1: You Shouldn’t Change Jobs Often (Especially Within a Year) Reality: Job hopping every few months will raise red flags with a potential employer. But staying in a role that doesn’t fulfill you or offer growth prospects hurts your career overall. Having one quick switch on your resume isn’t a negative if… Read more »

5 Job Search Goals to Get You Started


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Is advancing your career and finding a new job one of your goals this year? It is an excellent time to explore your options. Overall unemployment is low, including here in the Coachella Valley. Competition can be tough, so it is good to be prepared. Here are five achievable goals (with time suggestions) to start… Read more »

How AI Can Help You Write a Standout Resume


Proper Solutions Staffing - AI Tools to Write Your Resume

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world, and job searching is no exception. In this blog, we are sharing suggestions on how to work with AI tools to craft a standout resume. You will also find some recommended free or low-cost AI tools to get you started. As with any technological tool, AI has… Read more »

Why You Should Write a Cover Letter (+ a Template)


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Why should you write a cover letter? Especially when you are completing an online application, a cover letter can seem like just one more task. But the cover letter offers an important extra chance to tell an HR person or recruiter more about both your qualifications and interest in the position. ResumeLab – an online… Read more »

Is a Skills-Based Resume a Good Choice for You?


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There are two main types of resumes you can use when applying for a new position. First, you can use a chronological resume. This resume lists your work experience and achievements at each position, starting with the most recent first. Or you can craft a skills-based or functional resume. This type of resume lists your… Read more »

Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid


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You may have read the statistics about how quickly your resume is reviewed by hiring managers or a recruiter. Current research says you only have about 7 seconds to make a good impression. So how do you make sure your resume ends up in the “Yes” pile? Our recruiting staff has reviewed a lot of… Read more »