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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world, and job searching is no exception. In this blog, we are sharing suggestions on how to work with AI tools to craft a standout resume. You will also find some recommended free or low-cost AI tools to get you started. As with any technological tool, AI has pros and cons, and we have suggestions for you to consider.

Ways AI Can Help You Write Your Resume

  •  Develop an initial rough draft. If you are starting from scratch or significantly updating your resume for a new role, you can ask AI for resume examples. Keep in mind that these examples will likely be bland and generic. But you can absolutely use them as a rough first draft. This step will get you past the dreaded “blank page” stage of writing a resume.
  • Identify your skills and experience. AI-powered tools can scan your resume and identify your skills and experience. Does your resume highlight the skills you want highlighted? Treat AI like an editor and prompt it to identify the key skills in your resume for you.
  • Match your resume to job openings. AI can also match your resume to relevant job openings. Copy the job description for the position you want to apply for and ask AI to show you where your resume matches the description. You can use the AI suggestions to rewrite your resume to highlight the skills needed in the job description. This step will make it easier for a hiring manager to see the connection between your resume and the open position.
  • Get feedback on your resume. AI-powered tools can also give you feedback on your resume. Prompt the tool to act as a hiring manager and provide suggestions to improve your resume.

AI-powered Resume Tools:

  • LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant: This tool integrates with MS Word and helps you identify your skills and experience, match your resume to job openings, and optimize your resume for search engines. This integration is free with a LinkedIn account.
  • ChatGPT: The AI everyone is talking about. You can use the suggestions above to help you start and polish your resume. The free version will work to get you started.
  • JobScan: This tool scans your resume for keywords relevant to the jobs you’re applying for and is free for an initial scan.

Additional Considerations When Using AI for Resume Writing:

  • Be selective about the AI tools you use. Not all AI tools are created equal. Do some research to find tools that have a good reputation and have been used by other job seekers successfully.
  • Don’t rely solely on AI. AI can be a great starting point, but it’s essential to have human feedback as well. Have a friend, family member, or career counselor review your resume before you submit it.

Finally, your resume is your chance to explain your experience to a potential employer, so you want to make sure it sounds like you! After a resume rewrite, one good tip is to read it aloud to see if the tone sounds like you.

We hope these suggestions on using AI tools to write, craft, and polish your resume are helpful. When you have that resume polished up – send it our way! Our agency matches job candidates with temporary or temporary-to-hire jobs. When you work with us, you’ll get access to job opportunities, resume, interview and salary advice, and the support you need. Check out our current list of available opportunities and send your resume to today.

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