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Job Search Myth #1: You Shouldn’t Change Jobs Often (Especially Within a Year)

Reality: Job hopping every few months will raise red flags with a potential employer.
But staying in a role that doesn’t fulfill you or offer growth prospects hurts your career
overall. Having one quick switch on your resume isn’t a negative if you can show a clear career progression with your job changes.

Job Search Myth #2: Online Applications Are the Only Way to Find a Job

Reality: Online applications are a convenient first step, but networking remains crucial.
Reconnect with former colleagues, contact professionals in your field, and attend
industry events. Let your friends and family know you are starting a job search. Building
relationships can open doors to unadvertised positions and provide valuable insights.

Job Search Myth #3: There is a Hidden Job Market

Reality: Unadvertised positions exist. But the “hidden job market” isn’t some secret
society. You can uncover these opportunities by networking. Go to industry events and
follow company career pages. Highlighting your skills online can also attract recruiters.
LinkedIn is a valuable resource. Update your profile and research companies you want
to work with on the platform. Check out free resources like Teal’s LinkedIn Review to
help you polish your profile.

Job Search Myth #4: You Don’t Need a Cover Letter

Reality: While companies might not require a cover letter with your application, a well-
crafted one can set you apart. It lets you personalize your application, shows you took
time to learn about the company and role, and highlights position-specific skills in your
resume. Need a template? See “Why You Should Write a Cover Letter” on our blog.

Job Search Myth #5: You Shouldn’t Negotiate

Reality: It is tempting to take the first offer from a potential employer, especially if you
have been job searching for a while. Unless the offer aligns with your needs and career
goals, allow yourself at least a little time before accepting. See “How to Answer ‘What
Are Your Salary Expectations'” on The Muse for good suggestions and language around
salary negotiations. You can continue exploring other options while negotiating
your salary and benefits package.

Job Search Myth #7: Don’t Apply if You Don’t Meet Every Requirement

Reality: Many job descriptions list “ideal” qualifications. It is important to make sure you
have MOST of the required skills. You don’t want to waste your or the hiring manager’s
time. But if there are one or two stretch skills and you can show your eagerness to
learn, apply anyway. You might surprise yourself!

Did debunking some of these job search myths help you feel more confident? Would
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