Get Hired: Administrative Assistant Skills


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Are you applying for Administrative Assistant (AA) positions? The core job responsibilities remain supporting executives and ensuring smooth office operations. However, the skillset needed to excel in this role has expanded. This blog post covers the key skills that will set you apart in your job search. We will also provide resources for upgrading and… Read more »

Busting 7 Job Search Myths


Proper Solutions Staffing - Job Search Myths

Job Search Myth #1: You Shouldn’t Change Jobs Often (Especially Within a Year) Reality: Job hopping every few months will raise red flags with a potential employer. But staying in a role that doesn’t fulfill you or offer growth prospects hurts your career overall. Having one quick switch on your resume isn’t a negative if… Read more »

5 Job Search Goals to Get You Started


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Is advancing your career and finding a new job one of your goals this year? It is an excellent time to explore your options. Overall unemployment is low, including here in the Coachella Valley. Competition can be tough, so it is good to be prepared. Here are five achievable goals (with time suggestions) to start… Read more »

3 Important Job Search Trends


3 Job Search Trends - Proper Solutions Staffing

How we work changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, many people are re-evaluating what matters to them regarding their jobs and career. As a result, there is a new focus on flexibility and work-life balance. Job seekers have changed the way they look for work and employers have changed how they advertise and fill… Read more »

How to Research a Company as Interview Prep


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You made a list of the top companies in the area you would like to work with, tailored your cover letter and resume to the job description, and now you’ve been invited to interview with one of your top choices. What should you do for interview prep? You definitely want to practice answering some of… Read more »

Workplace Success: Tips for Good Digital Manners


Good Digital Manners -Proper Solutions Staffing

Work has changed. In this fast-paced digital world, you need new skills, tools, and tactics to keep up with job growth and advances in communication technology. You’ll stand out as an employee who communicates effectively in today’s marketplace, which gives you a huge advantage in meeting your career goals. Check out our tips below to… Read more »

Top 3 Job Search Resources Chosen by You


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  We are sharing the top 3 job search resources from this past year that you chose and read the most. Practical advice for doing well in an interview, additional sources for finding the right job, and alternatives to pursue if your dream job is not accessible topped the list. See our recaps and find… Read more »

Is a Skills-Based Resume a Good Choice for You?


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There are two main types of resumes you can use when applying for a new position. First, you can use a chronological resume. This resume lists your work experience and achievements at each position, starting with the most recent first. Or you can craft a skills-based or functional resume. This type of resume lists your… Read more »

How Do You Set Up an Effective Job Search Strategy?


Job Search Strategy, Proper Solutions Staffing

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, you probably will change jobs 10-12 times in your working life. You will also likely make at least three major career changes. So, learning how to job search is an important skill. Having a job search strategy can set you up for success. Here are some recommendations to… Read more »