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How we work changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, many people are re-evaluating what matters to them regarding their jobs and career. As a result, there is a new focus on flexibility and work-life balance. Job seekers have changed the way they look for work and employers have changed how they advertise and fill open positions. We want to share 3 important job search trends to know about and helpful links to aid your job search.

1. Job Searching in a Digital World

One big job search trend is obvious if you have been job searching lately. You will have noticed that most companies are conducting business virtually. So, you will want to be ready to respond online if you hear from a potential employer. Go through this list to make sure you have what you need for a successful job search:

  • Email: Make sure you have a professional email – you can use any free email system, including Gmail and Outlook. First Name/Last Name is all you need as your email to look professional and be easy for a potential employer to remember. You can add a middle initial, too. Then, either download the app for your email service to your phone or bookmark a web browser so you can keep an eye on it when you are on the go. Wondering what to say in those emails? Check out our post, “Workplace Success: Tips for Good Digital Manners.”
  • Resume PDF: We recommend you store your resume in a .pdf format so that the formatting doesn’t change when you send it. You can also have a Word doc version available. You might even want to keep a photo of it on your phone to attach to a text message or email. You never know – you might meet a friend who knows of an open position while grocery shopping. One final note on resumes. Don’t name your file “Resume.doc” since the hiring manager receiving it will be getting a million of those. Instead, call it “Your First Name. Your Last Name Resume.doc” so your submission doesn’t get lost.
  • Virtual Interview: You will likely interview over Zoom or a similar program at some point in your job search. You can download the program, practice, and check connections ahead of time with a friend or family member. You can also practice answering interview questions. Check out our post “How Do You Ace A Virtual Interview” for the steps to follow.

2. Job Search Trends: Skills-based Hiring

Another trend we are seeing is employers looking for job candidates to have specific skills for the job, including proof of those skills in the form of a test or a certificate. In many ways, this is becoming as important as your secondary education. Wondering what skills to include on your resume? Check out the CareerOneStop Occupation Profile page. Put in your desired role, and you will get a general description of the job and the specific skills required to do that job. Are you missing one of the qualifications? Consider doing a short class and skills certification on a platform like LinkedIn to fill in the gap. Check out this list of free or low-cost computer skills classes and certificates to boost your resume.

3. Online Presence is Playing a Larger Role

Speaking of LinkedIn, many companies are using a candidate’s online presence to help evaluate their abilities and learn more about their career background. It can support your search to build out your profile on LinkedIn. See Career Advisors  “How to Build an Amazing LinkedIn Profile (15+ Proven Tips) to get started on or improve your existing profile.

LinkedIn is a place to highlight your work experience compellingly. You can also list your skills certificates. In addition, on LinkedIn and other social platforms like Twitter, you can follow and engage with thought leaders or potential employers and share content that reflects your professional interests.

This social media activity doesn’t have to take a ton of time from your other search activities and can be a way to add networking to your job search. One note – you may want to check your more personal social media accounts – usually Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok -for privacy control settings and limit access to friends and family. That picture of you dancing at your brother’s wedding is pretty awesome but not something a future employer needs access to.

Sum Up

Finally, while these 3 job search trends are important to be aware of, tried and true job search approaches like activating your network still work. You can also consider skipping the search and contacting an agency like Proper Solutions Staffing. Staffing agencies are a good choice if you want the flexibility of temporary work, want to try a temp-to-hire job for size, or are looking for a full-time permanent placement. Check out our list of available opportunities and give us a call at 760-862-1818 with any questions.

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