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In our last blog, we shared some state resources for job seekers. This month, as we all figure out how to move forward safely, we want to share three tips that can help you navigate the job hunt process during the pandemic.

A job hunt can be challenging anytime. But the Covid19 pandemic is certainly creating new challenges. You have read the headlines, including record unemployment and layoffs. Economists are predicting a recession. Yet, career experts say it is best to keep networking and applying. You will just need to change your approach to acknowledge our current hiring environment. So how do you job hunt successfully these days?

1. Research employers and industries that are currently hiring.

A recent LinkedIn article lists the most in-demand positions in June 2020. As you might expect, nurses are number 2 on this list. Many healthcare organizations are actively hiring. Other sectors with prospective jobs include essential front line services such as grocery and drug stores. Accounting, project managers, and technology positions are also on the rise. Manufacturers of medical products and services are hiring as well.

Research companies in your area that offer healthcare, essential, or manufacturing services. You can set up Google Alerts for those companies you are interested in. You can also follow their company pages on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Check with your personal network to see if you have any connections that might be helpful.

2. Update your resumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to highlight any remote working experience.

Many employers are using work-from-home tactics to keep their workforce safe during Covid19. It is important to show any relevant skills that you may have. Mention specific remote working softwares and technologies such as virtual meeting platforms (Zoom, GotoMeeting, Google Meetup) that you have used. Which document and file-sharing tools have you used? Detail how you may have worked from home previously, and which key skills you feel you have that would prove your ability to be productive from a home office. Is time management, team collaboration, or written communication one of your critical skills?

3. Learn a new skill or certify in an existing one.

Now is the perfect time to work on your qualifications. Take a look at job descriptions to see if you have the skills needed for the job you want. Maybe you have the skills, but need to brush up on them. Make yourself an even better candidate by setting aside dedicated time during your day to work on those skills.

If you are an administrative assistant, Microsoft has free training sessions you can access. LinkedIn has skills assessments that you can take and post the results on your profile. Many marketing platforms, such as Google and Facebook, offer free certification in their platforms. Edx is an online platform that hosts free classes from MIT and Harvard.

Finally, consider this quote from legendary UCLA coach John Wooden “The more concerned we become over the things we can’t control, the less we will do with the things we can control.”

There is plenty we can’t control in our current situation, but hopefully, these tips have provided some positive ideas for the next steps in your job hunt that you can control.

Whether you are looking for a temporary assignment or your next career position, we are here to help. Call or email us with any questions and keep a regular eye on our job board for new positions that might be a match for you.


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