This has been an especially difficult time for job seekers but there are a few resources out there to assist.

Governor Newsom has joined with Bitwise Industries in announcing, a platform connecting COVID-19 displaced workers with over 70,000 job opportunities in critical industries.

Part of the $2 Trillion CARES act approved by Congress, the Small Business Administration will be distributing thousands of loans to small businesses. The SBA is currently looking for around 1500 employees to assist in processing these loans. Contact your local SBA office to find out how to apply.

If you were recently laid off or if you or your children have been impacted by COVID-19 related situations, you may be eligible for Unemployment Benefits through the California Economic Development Department or EDD. Visit to find the most up to date information regarding the benefits that may be available to you.

Below are a few industries which are considered essential and may have job openings.

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores/Gas stations
  • Hardware stores
  • Healthcare operations
  • Daycare centers/Childcare
  • Sanitation
  • Manufacturing of Essential Goods
  • Mail services
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinarians/Pet stores

Please continue reaching out to the Proper Solutions office so that when our client companies contact us we will know your availability.

Best wishes and stay safe and healthy!


Meegan Villa, President, Proper Solutions Staffing


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