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We are sharing the top 3 job search resources from this past year that you chose and read the most. Practical advice for doing well in an interview, additional sources for finding the right job, and alternatives to pursue if your dream job is not accessible topped the list. See our recaps and find the links below.

Interview Help

You got the interview for that job you are interested in. How do you make sure you do well? Author Casey Bond shares real-life interview stories on HuffPost in “13 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Job Interview, According To Hiring Managers-Avoid these cringeworthy mistakes if you want a callback.” Some of the stories are truly cringeworthy. You likely wouldn’t take your mom to your in-person interview.  Nor would you crack open a beer during a virtual interview.

But some of these suggestions are really useful. For instance, employers do notice if you don’t send a thank you after an interview.  A quick email is fine – but it is important to acknowledge that everyone made time to be there. You should also make a point to check out the company’s website – and maybe even LinkedIn profiles- before your interview. It will help you decide if the company is somewhere you will enjoy working and help you come up with questions to ask.

Job Search Sources

The Career Sherpa – Hannah Morgan – has a website and e-newsletter that is worth following during a job search. Lots of links, templates, and practical advice. The article “Use Every Source Available To Uncover Job Opportunities” was our second most clicked-on resource this past year. One great tactic is to build a list of target companies in your area you would like to work for and regularly check their career pages – and sign up for notifications. Following companies and hashtags like #jobs and #nowhiring on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn is another tactic. And finally, finding a side/gig job to keep your skills sharp or show a potential employer how capable you are is also a great tactic.

What To Do If Your Dream Job Isn’t A Possibility

Our final resources is from the job search site themuse. Author Erin Greenawald’s “Can’t Find Your Dream Job? 5 Awesome Alternatives”. If the perfect/dream job isn’t accessible just now, she recommends looking for a work situation that includes mentorship, or an opportunity to expand your skills and connections. You can also look for companies that provide internal mobility – can you start at an entry-level and work into your dream job. And finally, a company that has a culture you love might be the perfect fit otherwise – maybe there is work flexibility or you can support a non-profit cause that you value. This quote sums up her key points:

“Whatever it is, spend some time finding an okay job at an awesome company. You’ll buy some time to learn more about yourself and what you enjoy doing—and in the meantime have a great time spending your days in an office that makes you feel good.”

We think that is a balanced approach and would add that temporary positions are also a good way to try out a position or company to see if it is a fit.

Hope you found these articles helpful, and we’d love to hear from you directly about what other resources might be useful too. Which part of the job search process do you get stuck on? Research, interviews, resume writing? Feel free to give a call at 760-862-1818 or email us at if we can help. Check out our job board too and/or like and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We post new resources and positions daily.



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