I have been producing The Dinah Shore Weekend for 22 years in Palm Springs.

My company imports over 50 staff from all over California, and out of state, trying to use people we know or have worked with us in the past. The pace is relentless and the hours are long. We need people we can trust will excel in an environment described as grueling.

This year was our largest year and no matter how far we threw out the staffing net, we found we were simply short handed and without key personnel: cashiers. Cashiers are critical as we deal with a large volume of cash and thus the position requires a large deal of trust.

Not knowing where else to go, I contacted the Convention and Visitors Bureau. They quickly recommended me to your company.

I was nervous using new staff in such a key position, but in hindsight, I cannot tell you how glad I am I gave your company a chance. I understand you personally hand selected your staff. They outshined staff I had been using for years. Their attitudes were friendly, professional and efficient. They were honest and fast. The experience was perfect.

I want you to know, that after 22 years of importing staff, next year I pan to use your company to provide more that 60% of my entire staff. Importing staff has not been the most cost-effective approach, and so not only am I insured a very high level of employees by using your services, I will increase the bottom line. My only regret is that I did not find your company sooner.